About us

Healtharticulators is a trusted source of online medical information for people who are conscious on matters of health and well-being. It is a personal blog updated purely on grounds of ensuring personal growth in the field of medicine. We endeavoir to gather data to enlighten the public on common health problems and how to overcome them by providing information that can help to mould their lifestyle. It is pretty clear that the state of health has been at stake in the advent of diseases.

21st century has been associated with remarkable revolution in technology, tremendous increase in population size, encroachment to duly unused land, deforestation, erruption of green house gases and others which has led to environmental polution and things are slipping through our fingers to uncontrollable condition.

To cut to the cheese, our bodies have been at the receiving end in the advent of revolution. Oxidative stress had been amplified and amplicated with the genesis of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, different types of cancers and many more. With every discovery of new disease scientist qua scientist have gone back to the same laboratory and engage in yet another research process with a common objective of getting answers to the giant question on the table. This has seen the fate of humanity drown in new challenges which seems to be in the rise as days go by. For instance, there is a global outcry to combart the spread of ebola, reduce incidence and fatality rate associated with it.

The elusive solution is still being sought and may be it won't be definite once discovered. These and more are the grounds on which we come in and inform the public on several facts to enable them embrace healthier lifestyle. It is for the people who are health conscious determined to live abundantly in the face of diverse health challenges, insane lifesyle, negligence, economic setbacks and many more which perpetuates the influx of diseases.