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Overweight and obesity has gained a lot of public health interest and it is imperative to come up with strategies to curb the rising cases of obesity and overweight. Despite the public health concern, the major strategies in lowering the burden of overweight and obesity have been narrowed down either to parents to control what their children eat or grown-ups to take up action and check the kind of food and amount in their plate. In the advent of all this, private facilities are erupting to adjourn the individualized effort into assisted aerobic exercises to augment personal strategies towards losing weight.

A study published in PubMed to establish short-term effects of eggs on satiety in overweight and obese individuals found that subjects which consumed egg-based breakfast had reduced short-term need for food intake thereafter as the eggs greater feeling of satiation as compared to subjects who had a normal isocaloric diet for breakfast. The study further denotes that subjects which had an egg-based breakfast consumed significantly fewer calories during lunch served 3.5 hours after breakfast. To sum it up, eggs have a quality of inducing satiety and a sustained calorific deficit which is essential in healthy weight loss programs.

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Nuts may be included in a diet in moderation to enhance food palatability, nutrient value and help the fight against chronic diseases like heart diseases. Despite the fact that nuts are energy-dense and high in fat content, they are not associated with weight gain. Nuts enhance satiety and its energy value is less bio-accessible hence less energy is absorbed by the body for use. Nuts are also associated with increased energy expenditure at a resting state which further diminishes energy available for weight gain. 

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Previous studies have denoted that fish protein is more satiating than other types of animal protein. A study published in PubMed denotes that study subjects which involved healthy, non-smokers males aged 20 to 32 years were served with a standardized breakfast. 4 hours after breakfast, an isoenergetic lunch with either fish protein or beef protein were served to the study subjects. 4 hours later a standardized evening meal was served. Between the evening and bedtime, all subjects were to record prospective food and drinks taken. Study results show that the subjects which had fish protein for lunch were less hungry, more satiated and lowered prospective consumption of food and drinks. In addition, subjects which consumed fish protein-enriched lunch had 11% less energy intake for the evening meal without later energy compensatory mechanism as compared to the subjects which consume beef protein.

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A study to validate the satiety index of various food was conducted and 38 different kinds of foods were divided into 6 categories to include; fruits, bakery products, snack foods, carbohydrate-rich food, protein rich food and breakfast cereals. These foods were fed to groups with 11 -13 subjects and satiety index established quarter-hourly over a period of 2 hours. After these subjects were allowed to feed on standardized range of food and drinks and satiety index calculated. The results demonstrated differences both within and between the food categories with boiled potatoes having the highest satiety index.


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In another study comparing satiation of boiled potatoes against french fries with or without fat found that boiled potatoes induced a higher subjective satiety against french fries. This resulted in lesser subsequent food and/or energy intake which is key in weight control in obese and overweight individuals.

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