Thursday, 10 March 2016


Graphology is the art of studying and analyzing handwriting. Analyzing handwriting has never been easy and may be done on the basis of criminal investigation like signature forgery, in dating for partner compatibility and potential employee selection. 

As long as one is able to write using hand, graphologist is able to study and analyze it and draw conclusions about their personality though this may not be conclusive enough as handwriting may change according to the prevailing condition like a new pen, mood changes, the nature of writing material e.t.c.
In nutshell there are 4 personality types whose handwriting can be described as follows:-

Choleric- they are dumped as ambitious and full of enthusiasm. They believe in speed and are fast in what they engage in which makes them have a poor handwriting.

Sanguine- they are very expressive in what they do, like attention and approval from others people. This makes they have good handwriting.

Melancholics- dumped as loners and thinkers type. They linger much at details and have good analytical skills. They write in a complex manner and are very unpredictable in their handwriting.

Phlegmatic- are calm, quiet and relaxed type but they may be fearful, shy and lazy which makes them not well expressive in what they do. They tend to have small and neat hand writing.
People write differently and this may be pointers to certain traits of their personality. 

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Writing using big letters that go even beyond lines of a standard writing material may portray one as outgoing, attention seeker and tend to be confident in what s/he does.

On the other hand, people who write using small letters as compared to lines on a standard piece of paper are thought to have introverted and timid traits. 

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How one dots the i's is a sentence may also tell something about personality traits. Sanguine have very expressive and flamboyant hand writing and they may place the dot for the 'i' distinctively above the 'i.' People may circle or put a dash to their i's rather than putting a dot. 

Circling is associated with child-like traits while putting a dash may portray one as overly critical.

Word spacing may also be of much value in eliciting personality traits of an individual. People who space their words closely like mingling with others while those who space words distantly like being alone, free and independent.