Saturday, 2 January 2016


By Sam Maondu

Locally, use of beauty products has been on the rise and one of the high selling and flourishing business for several decades. Cosmetic products like skin moisturizers, perfumes, fingernail paints, polishes, lipsticks, shampoos and others are used for promoting beauty or attractiveness, altering the general appearance and for cleaning purposes. Some of these beauty products contain chemicals ingredients without any health safety label.

Headaches- People who put on heavy make ups or have a prolonged exposure to make up may experience headaches, light headed, nausea, dizzy or loss of consciousness. In case of a longer lasting event, it is advisable to put on a light make up which should be removed after the event is done. 

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Signs of early aging- looking older than your actual age is another nightmare. Make ups have a potential threat to destroy the skin making it look dry and flaky. This makes the skin folds appear more prominent giving one an old-aged skin appearance.

Skin problems- Cosmetic products have a direct effect on the skin. Skin problems may involve allergic reaction where the skin over which the makeup was applied becomes red, swollen and itches. The skin color may also be affected by the makeup resulting into depigmentation or permanent change of the skin appearance.

Hair changes- Makeup ingredients have a direct effects on the skin and hair follicles. Shampoos, body washes, bubble baths e.t.c contain sodium lauryl retards hair growth and thins it. scalp damage and discoloration of hair may come as a result of prolonged use of hair sprays.

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Cancer and other diseases- These personal care products like nail polish, shampoos, body wash, hair care products and others contain ingredients which has formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde has a cancer causing property and may be implicated with onset of leukemia, hodgkin lymphoma and lung cancer. Aluminum found in lipstick has also been implicated with glucose intolerance and anemia. Makeups used for lightening the skin contain hydroquinone which has been linked with onset of cancer.

Nail changes- I have colleagues who never stay off nail polishes. Frequent and regular use of nail polish, manicure, pedicure has a negative implication to the quality of a nail, They make nails more fragile and may discolor their appearance assuming a pale look.

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