Sunday, 7 February 2016


I have always loved being a professional Nurse since those teenage years and my dream is a reality now. When I reported in medical school, I met Matthew- my former high school classmate- who took me through the necessary admission procedure. When he saw me there was a sign of disbelief in his face probably because his former high school classmate was joining him in the same campus. One thing he told me is that, this is not a profession. It is a calling. I tried to internalize that but it was not making sense to me. 

Here are 10 reasons that can make a healthcare professional not date-able?
  1. Health care professional are emotionally distant since they are in an anti-emotional career. They have been taught how to empathize and not to sympathize when the worst of the scenario happens at work. Don't expect to hold long and emotional chats with him/her.
  2. Things can go ugly. It is not a big deal for them to say how a patient vomited, a surgeon aspirated pus during surgery, a foul, discharging diabetic foot awaiting above knee amputation and all this is in the middle of a nice pasta dinner.
  3. They are always serious and busy so don't expect to crack a joke.
  4. They may experience mood swings form time to time. Health care professional are used to receiving bad and good news either at the same time or day.
  5. They advocate for healthy diet so they may be reluctant to eat out at lunch or dinner and prefer home cooked food.
  6. It is possible that a date may not go as planned since they are flexible at work and responding to emergency call or covering shifts is part of their norm leaving you with no other choice but to call off the plans.
  7. They are good at multi-tasking so it is possible that they can have another date without having to notice it or being suspicious of anything happening behind the scenes.
  8. It is possible that along the lines of his investment will put up a medical clinic or a hospital which could be your nightmare.
  9. They have a long working shifts and their workmates becomes their immediate family. They share a lot regarding their personal life and even help each other to solve and overcome personal life stresses. 
  10. They are always learning and there is a probability that the house will be filled with medical textbooks. files, journals and many more. They also have frequent medical education seminars and what they bring home is another bunch of medical documents.
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